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Alcohol Vehicle Interlock

Cost Effective Breath Alcohol Vehicle Interlock

The AlcoDigital Drivealyzer is a complete alcohol safety solution, fully integrated into your vehicle.  It works by ensuring that your vehicle will only start after a negative breath alcohol test is provided by the driver.

Stop Drink Driving
In its Tracks

For the unbeatable price of

£895 + vat


UK convicted drink drivers over the last four years

are repeat offenders


UK drivers are banned each year 

because of drink driving


people die every year

in crashes caused by drivers over the legal limit

The only proven solution
is Vehicle Alcohol Interlocks

Many EU countries are taking special measures to implement alcohol interlock systems, and with outstanding results.

A new YouGov survey has revealed that 82% of respondents support the mandatory fitment of interlock devices to buses and coaches.

Installation and maintenance
made simple

We take care of everything, from start to finish, and with minimal installation and down time.  After fitting, your vehicles can only be started after the driver provides a clear breath alcohol sample via the integrated mouthpiece.


Fitting is quick and inexpensive

Safety First

Suitable for use in custody casess if required

For Many Vehicle Types

Works with cranes, off road vehicles, plant & machinery

All Inclusive Support & Warranty

for less than the cost of a single onsite service visit

Zero Downtime

Swap in, swap out handset calibration*.

No admin, no downtime, and always ready for the road.

Permanent Handset Warranty

Our warranty covers the entire lifetime of your unit, excluding accidental or malicious damage.

Fleet Management

Support includes configuration updates, PIN starts data downloads, adjustable settings for limits, blow times, and more.

*We send you a new handset when your existing one is due for calibration; just unplug, swap in, and return the old handset in the pre-paid box.

Our fully inclusive support contract ensures your interlock is always operating, calibrated, and set up as you want it – with zero admin required by you.

From £13.26 per month

How can an Alcohol Interlock help you?


Protection from alcohol in custody cases

Custody battles are never easy, especially when alcohol becomes involved.  Installing an alcohol interlock system will help mitigate alcohol as a factor in custody battles.

A momentary slip can ruin your life

The best way to avoid legal issues is to avoid legally precarious situations in the first place.  If you consider yourself to be at risk of drink driving, act now to protect yourself, your passengers, and other road users.



He's passed his driving test but will he fail the peer pressure test?

For true peace of mind as a parent, the best course of action is to take preventative measures.  Installing an alcohol ignition system is the only way to be absolutely sure that peer pressure isn’t an issue.

Transport passengers to more places

In countries such as France, it is a legal requirement to have an alcohol interlock system installed where under 18s are being driven without an extra supervising adult for certain passenger transport.

Having such a system installed will also give passengers peace of mind.



Your duty as an employer

Any heavy machinery which has an ignition or electric start button can be fitted with an Interlock System.  This ensures that each time that machine is started, the operator is tested, and alcohol safety is maintained.

Make NO the only answer

Nobody will be tempting anyone with drinks if doing so means they’ll need to walk home.

An alcohol interlock system means there’s only one answer to peer pressure.


How does it work?

Device operation is simple. The driver simply blows into the AlcoDigital Drivealyzer handset, and can then start their vehicle only after their handset gives a pass result.

Clear instructions are provided to the operator, providing guidance on breath sampling, along with a pass or fail result.

Key Benefits

Cost Effective

The most cost effective EN50436-1 and EN50436-2 certified solution on the market. 

Fast Operation

The AlcoDigital Drivealyzer has a fast warm up time for speedy operation

Simple to Operate

Has minimal impact on vehicle startup routines