The AlcoDigital Drivealyzer
Breath Alcohol Interlock System

AlcoDigital Drivealyzer
Key Features & Product Overview

The AlcoDigital Drivealyzer is a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) which will only allow a vehicle to start if a negative breath alcohol sample is given via the integrated mouthpiece.

Unique and innovative

A quick and clear indication is given to the driver to the driver, showing the result of the submitted breath sample, immediately allowing the driver to continue on their journey provided the sample reading is below the configured level.

Warm up time is less than a minute at -4℉(-20℃) when starting up immediately upon entry to vehicle

Certifications include:

  • Norm 50436-1/2
  • E-MARK(E11)
  • R10
  • CE

How does it work?

The breathalyzer handset connects straight to the control unit, which uses the readings to determine whether the engine is allowed to start.

This design means it is impossible to start the engine without a breath alcohol sample within the specified limits.

Handset Features

Alcohol Sensor

Fuel Cell

Temperature Sensor

Environment and breath

Flow Sensor

Detects breath and volume of breath

Altitude Sensor

Automatically adjusts for breath variation according to altitude

Measurement Algorithm

The measurement algorithm calculates readings accurately


Measurements are stored on the instrument


The display shows clear test results without showing the readings to the operator


Audible indication of the status and measurement result.

Control Unit Features

Time management

Stores time of readings


Stores sample data on board


Controls ignition and the output signal


Controls communication and data transfer to a PC or server

Power Circuit

Controls and monitors the vehicle status, and checks whether the engine is running


Size Handset: 6.29 x2.28x 1.33inch (160 × 58 × 34㎜)
Control box: 4.25x 6.22x 1.49inch (108× 158× 38㎜)
Weight Handset: 0.29lb (135g)
Control box: 1.43lb (650g)
Operating temperature -40℉ ~ 185℉ (-40℃ ~ 85℃)
Warm-up time Less than 60 seconds at -20℃
Analalysis time 5 ~ 25 seconds
Result display 2 color LED (PASS, FAIL)
Display type OLED
Mouthpiece Dedicated mouthpiece for AlcoDigital Drivealyzer
Calibration interval Max 12 months
(changes according to the regulations for each country)
Operational voltage DC 12V ~ 24V
Event log 500,000 events
Certification EN 50436-1: 2014
EN 50436-2: 2014
E Mark(E11) / R10 / CE UK Vehicle Registration Authority
E1 R10 (Germany)