Finance Package

The affordable approach to vehicle alcohol interlocks

A tailor made purchase and maintenance package complete with finance

Drivealyzer including 3 years of maintenance

from £XX.XX monthly

Installation costs are separate and based on our network of local suppliers

Let us handle your installation

We can arrange installation by experienced technicians local to you.  Costs may vary depending on your vehicle type.

All Inclusive Support & Warranty

We can ensure your vehicle alcohol interlock system is running at peak efficiency with no maintenance down time, and costs less than a single service visit.  Our inclusive support package which includes the following:

Zero Downtime

With Swap in, swap out handset calibrration, there's no admin, no downtime and your handset is always ready to go*.

Permanent Handset Warranty

Our warranty covers the entire lifetime of your unit, excluding accidental or malicious damage.

Fleet Management

Support includes configuration updates, PIN starts data downloads, adjustable settings for limits, blow times, and more.

Save around £200 for every service

Drivealyzer is the only system on the market today which does not need an on-site service by an accredited technician (around £200) PLUS the cost of downtime for the vehicle whilst off the road.

Drivealyzer is completely unique in being the only device that can be remotely serviced and supported; not only is the monthly fee less than the cost of a single annual visit, but all the other benefits are included at no extra cost.