Drink Driving

The Facts

How does Alcohol Affect Your Driving?

When drinking a small amount of alcohol such as half a pint of lager, you may feel that it has little to no affect but beware.  Even small amounts will affect your reaction times, thought process, and co-ordination.

The more alcohol you drink, the less effective you’ll be at judging your actions, reaction speeds, and your own competence to drive.  You will have a false sense of confidence, and take risks you would otherwise not take.

With the AlcoDigital Drivealyzer installed, any false sense of confidence given by alcohol consumption will no longer affect your decision making process on whether to drive or not, as you won’t have a choice.

Even if you have been drinking the previous night, you may still be over the limit the following day and have no idea.

You Are:

0 X

more likely to be responsible for a fatal crash if your alcohol level is in excess of 35μg (English limit)

0 X

more likely to be involved in a traffic accident if your alcohol level is in excell of 22μg (Scottish limit)

0 %

more likely to be at fault in an accident with ANY level of alcohol present in your body

UK Alcohol Limits:

Aircrew, Train Drivers – 9μg

Scotland Drink-Drive: 22μg

England/Wales Drink-Drive: 35μg

What are the Drink Drive Penalties in the UK?

The maximum penalty for drink driving in the UK is six months in prison.  Alternatively, an unlimited fine is possible, along with an automatic driving ban of at least one year.

If a driver under the influence of alcohol kills someone, they can be charged with death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.  For this, there is a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine.

In some countries, penalties can be reduced by having a Vehicle Alcohol Interlock installed, such as the AlcoDigital Drivealyzer, which meets all of the European offender program policy specifications.

How do the police catch drink drivers?

The UK police service can breathalyse you if you have committed any traffic offence, for example driving without a seat belt, using a mobile phone, or speeding.  They may also stop and breathalyse you if they have reason to believe you have been drink driving.

This means there is a high probability of being caught if you do drink drive in the UK.

How can you avoid getting into a drink driving situation?

A Zero alcohol policy

Without a vehicle alcohol interlock system installed, the best way to be certain you are safe to drive, is to not consume any alcohol for 24 hours before driving.

Alcohol Vehicle Interlock

If you are in any doubt as to whether you’re safe to drive, the alcohol vehicle interlock system is the best way to determine that.  It removes all of the guesswork, and is the ultimate safeguard for your vehicle.